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Call for Resilience Team members

As we are at the anniversary of the big storms we are reminded about the need for personal and community resilience.

Resilient Communities

When communities plan and organise themselves to prepare for challenges and disruptions it can make a big difference

A resilience committee will:

· Use their existing skills, knowledge and resources to prepare and deal with emergencies;

· Are aware of risks that may affect them and how they may be vulnerable to them;

· Work together to complement the work of the local emergency responders;

· Create stronger connections to one another.

A community’s resilience is at the heart of how it survives and thrives

Could you come forward to help Banchory become a more resilient community? There is a lot of help and resources out there already. It just needs to be applied to Banchory. What’s Involved?

· Meet Monthly

· Make and distribute a community resilience leaflet

· Prepare plans for future emergencies.

· Liaise with other agencies/local groups

Interested? Contact us

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