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Planning Application: Housing, road infrastructure and roundabout at Upper Lochton: New application

A new planning application has been lodged for the 'Erection of 69 Dwellinghouses, Formation of Roads and Associated Infrastructure at Land To North West Of Hill Of Banchory at Upper Lochton, Banchory'. This area is identified for development in the Local Development Plan.

The plans and associated documentation can be viewed online at this link.

Comments on the proposal can be submitted to Aberdeenshire Council using the "Make a Comment" button at the above link, or by using the details below using reference APP/2023/2038. The expiry date for comments is 7 December 2023.

ePlanning team

Aberdeenshire Council


Arduthie Road


AB39 2DQ

To be valid, your comment should state clearly why you think Aberdeenshire Council should or should not grant planning permission, clearly stating within your comments where you support or object to the proposal. It also needs to raise a valid material consideration such as positive or negative impacts on:

  • light received

  • privacy and amenity

  • appearance of area

  • conservation area

  • setting or character of a listed building

  • built heritage

  • previous planning decisions

  • noise, odour and disturbance

  • traffic and parking

  • natural environment

  • design, layout and materials

Further information about how to comment on a planning application can be found at this link.

Please contact us on to raise specific issues with us about this application.


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